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Hello Bargain Hunters, and welcome back to our Deals of the Week section!

This time our deals are all about traveling, and we chose this topic not by accident — this is our seventh Deals of the Week package, and there are seven continents for you to explore with our excellent cashback deals. See how it all ties in just perfectly?

Now, for an excellent trip, you’ll, of course, need to get your mode of transportation settled first; that’s why we’ve included plane and bus ticket vendors and also car rentals — so pick whatever floats your boat (except for an actual boat since we did not include those)!

And if you’re worried about your accommodation while you’re skipping through the continents, your worries are groundless — we’ve also included increased cashback deals on the most famous hotels and booking services. 

And lastly, if you need a helping hand in planning your trip, such services are also included in our Deals of the Week package. The world is your oyster!

So, scroll down below, check out our super cash back Deals of the Week travel edition, and may your holidays begin.

Everything to make your trip happen

4% back

All your travel accommodation needs in one place.

5% back

Greyhound Lines

C’mon, is there anything more iconic than traveling in a Greyhound?

8% back

Radisson Hotels

Travel in style, rest in luxury!

5.5% back

A trusty travel companion to turn your journeys into lifelong memories.

2% back

EasyJet Holidays

Your hassle-free gateway to sun-soaked getaways.

10% back

Big Bus Tours

Probably the most famous sightseeing services, wherever your destination is!

5% back


Eco-friendly and affordable road trips at your fingertips.

6% back

Smooth travels in a perfect rental car. Now with increased cash back, too!

5% back

Last-minute travel deals for the most unforgettable adventure.

54% back

Discover Cars

Reliable car rentals - check, affordable - double check!

3% back

For seamless travel connections by planes, buses, and trains!

2% back

Qatar Airways

Where world-class service, unrivaled comfort, and Middle Eastern hospitality merges into seamless traveling.

6% back

Viator - A Tripadvisor Company

Curated trips to the most unexpected destinations.

2% back

Choice Hotels

Did anybody say comfort and convenience? Well then, Choice Hotels have them!

15% back


Your ultimate connection to breathtaking hikes, scenic trails, and hidden wonders!

5% back

Holiday Autos

Explore the world at your own pace with Holiday Autos.

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