Marks and Spencer gift cards and vouchers

Marks and Spencer is a high-street and online retailer specializing in a range of clothing and fashions, home products and décor, along with food and grocery items. Its full portfolio of inventory is made up of menswear, womenswear, children’s wear, lingerie, home décor, bedding products and linens, footwear, and home furnishings.

As a grocery retailer, M&S is noted for its pastries and bakery department, fruit, cocktails, liquors, beer and wines, gift hampers, and seasonal goods. Along with its retail outlet, M&S also operates M&S Bank which operates a range of financial services that include current and savings accounts, credit cards, mortgages, and insurance services. Plus, through M&S Energy the company provides renewable and sustainable energy services.

The Marks and Spencer online retail platform offers convenient access to every product available in the company’s high street outlets.


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Gift cards – gift cards are physical, credit card sized cards that be purchased for values between £1 and £1,000 and redeemed against thousands of products both in-store and online. Valid for 24 months from the last transaction the gift cards can be sent directly to the recipient as a gift.

E-gift cards – E-gift cards are an electronic version of the M&S gift card and can be loaded with values between £10 and £500 to spend online or in-store. If you have a valid email, you can buy M&S e-gift cards to be sent directly to the recipient instantly.

Gift vouchers – gift vouchers are paper vouchers that can only be used in-store using the printed bar code. They are available in the following denominations: £1, £5, £10, and £25. Gift vouchers are no longer being issued, but existing vouchers will still be honored.

If you’ve just received a Marks and Spencer gift card, or whether you have one already and used it to make a purchase, you’ll want to know the remaining balance. You can check your balance here.

If you happen to lose your Marks and Spencer gift card, or if stolen or damaged I’m afraid that there’s nothing you can do about it. That’s why you’ve got to look after your card – as if it was cash – and always keep it safe.

When you’re spoiled for the kind of choice you get from Marks and Spencer it’s unlikely that your gift card will go out of date. A Marks and Spencer gift card or e-gift card is valid for up to 60 months from the last time you used it – that’s a full five years. However, if you don’t use your card again within 60 months, your remaining balance will be canceled.

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