Get free gift cards with Monetha

Join the growing army of people earning great free rewards as a sideline.

Welcome to a world of free money

Free gift cards are like the internet’s version of finding a twenty-dollar bill in an old pair of jeans—pure joy and a little bit of “I wish that would happen more often.” And let’s be real, who doesn’t love free money?

In this short article, we’re going to explain – in plain English – how you too can start earning free gift cards, and other neat rewards with Monetha.

But before we dive into the nitty gritty, it’s time for a little honesty check.

Just like every one of us, you probably spend a little too much time scrolling through random posts on Facebook, TikTok, or other social media platforms. Sure, it’s fun when you have some spare time on your hands, but did you know that you could be earning easy money instead?

Read on…

How to bag free gift cards

Did you ever wish you could turn your online scrolling into something more rewarding? Like, say, gift cards or other awesome perks? With Monetha, you can do just that – make your online time pay off.

Maybe you’d like to get your hands on the latest tech toy on Amazon, get some help with the back-to-school bills at Walmart, or shave a few bucks off your Target grocery bill? Monetha’s got a whole menu of ways to earn points that slide effortlessly into your daily routine.

Instead of pointlessly scrolling through another 100 cat videos, why not use that time to:

  • Shop online with thousands of Monetha partner stores
  • Take quick and fun surveys
  • Refer friends and family
  • Or simply sign up for a Monetha account

Why not start earning today?

Best deals on top brands!
Save at your favorite stores anytime you want. It’s like Black Friday that never ends!

So how does Monetha work?

We don’t want to bore you to tears with long-winded explanations, so here’s the Monetha lowdown in a nutshell.

How exactly does Monetha work, you ask?

First things first, you’ll want to download the Monetha app, which is free—yep, you read that right, free. Once you’re in, you’ll have a variety of ways to start earning points, or as we like to call them, Monetha Points.

Online shopping

Monetha has partnerships with over 2,000 retail stores. So, whether you’re buying a new pair of sneakers, snacks for your kitty cat, or restocking your pantry, you’ll earn points for every dollar you spend.

Taking surveys

Got an opinion? Monetha wants to hear it. You can take quick surveys on the app and earn points for your thoughts. The more surveys you take, the more opportunities you’ll get.

Take surveys for gift cards!
Share your valuable opinions and get any of 5,000 gift cards from top brands.

Referring friends

Know someone who’d love Monetha as much as you do? Refer them using your unique code, and you’ll both get a points bonus when they sign up and make their first purchase.

Just signing up

Yep, that’s right, you’ll even get a welcome bundle of points just for creating an account. Talk about a friendly welcome!

Redeeming you points

Once you’ve racked up enough Monetha Points, the world – or at least the Monetha rewards catalog – is your oyster.

You can exchange your points for:

Gift Cards – Choose from thousands of top stores and redeem your points for gift cards.

Cryptocurrencies – Feeling a bit more adventurous? You can also convert your points into various cryptocurrencies.

Charity Donations – If you’re in the giving mood, you can donate your points to a range of charitable organizations.

Free gift cards? WHAT?
What if you could shop as usual or take surveys and get free Amazon gift cards as a bonus? Say no more!

Still not sure about apps offering free gift cards?

That’s pretty understandable, there are a lot of scams out there, but we can assure you that Monetha is not one of them.

Let’s be honest, the phrase “free gift cards” can sometimes raise an eyebrow or two. You might be thinking, “There’s got to be a catch, right?” Well, it’s time to set the record straight and bust some myths.

Myth 1 – It’s a Scam

The biggest misconception is that free gift cards are just a scam. While it’s true that there are some shady operations out there, Monetha is not one of them. We’re all about transparency and real rewards for real activities. No smoke and mirrors here.

Myth 2 – You have to spend money to earn them

Another common belief is that you have to spend money to get these so-called “free” gift cards. With Monetha, that’s not the case. Sure, you can earn points by shopping, but you can also earn them by taking surveys, referring friends, and even just for signing up.

Myth 3 – It takes forever to earn enough points

Some people think it’ll take an eternity to accumulate enough points for a gift card. Not so with Monetha. You can start redeeming your points for gift cards or other rewards with just a modest amount, and we’ve got tips to help you rack up points even faster.

Myth 4 – The rewards aren’t worth it

You might be skeptical about the quality or usefulness of the gift cards. Rest assured, Monetha offers gift cards from thousands of top stores, so you’re bound to find something that tickles your fancy.

And thousands more…

So there you have it—free gift cards are not only real but also easily attainable and totally worth it with Monetha. Ready to start earning?

How to maximize your Monetha earnings

Let’s say that you’ve already downloaded the Monetha app and you’ve got the basics down, but you’re probably wondering how to take your Monetha game to the next level. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with some tried-and-true strategies to boost your earnings.

Double up on shopping days

Monetha often partners with retailers for special promotions where you can earn double or even triple points. Keep an eye on your app notifications so you don’t miss out on these golden opportunities.

Take advantage of sign-up bonuses

If you haven’t signed up yet, what are you waiting for? Monetha offers a generous bundle of points just for creating an account. And if you’re already a member, consider referring friends who haven’t joined yet; you’ll both get a points bonus when they make their first purchase.

Be survey savvy

Surveys are a quick and easy way to earn points. The trick is to complete them as soon as they appear in your app, as some surveys have a limited number of respondents and can fill up quickly.

Set up notifications

Don’t miss out on earning opportunities. Enable notifications in your Monetha app to get real-time updates on new surveys, special promotions, and other ways to earn points.

Combine activities

Why limit yourself to just one way of earning? Mix and match activities like shopping, taking surveys and referring friends to maximize your point-earning potential.

Keep an eye on your points expiry date

Monetha Points usually have an expiration date of between 6 months and 1 year. Make sure to redeem your points before they expire to get the most out of your earnings.

By implementing these strategies, you’ll not only earn points faster but also become a Monetha pro in no time.


Yes, it’s possible to get free gift cards online through various legitimate platforms that offer rewards programs. These platforms often allow you to earn points by shopping, taking surveys, or completing other simple tasks, which you can then redeem for gift cards.

To ensure a website is legitimate, look for signs such as a secure HTTPS connection, transparent terms and conditions, and verified user reviews. Be cautious of sites that ask for unnecessary personal information or seem to have hidden fees.

Common ways to earn free gift cards include participating in online surveys, signing up for rewards programs, using cashback apps, entering sweepstakes, and referring friends to certain services. Some platforms also offer points for watching videos or playing games.

Yes, many free gift card apps are legitimate and offer various ways to earn points or credits, which can be redeemed for gift cards. However, it’s important to read user reviews and understand the terms before downloading any app.


Restrictions on using free gift cards can vary depending on the issuer. Some gift cards may have an expiration date, while others may only be usable at certain stores or for specific products. Always read the terms and conditions before redeeming a gift card.

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