Customer Retention Management: Tips to Reduce Churn and Increase Loyalty

Each year, new platforms and businesses join the ecommerce arena, making it more crowded. This

What Stores Give Cash Back: 40 Great Options to Earn Money

Cashback is a way stores reward their customers and clients when they purchase items from

How Does Cash Back Work? All You Need to Know

Best deals just got better It’s a great feeling to find best deals on items

Reward Sites: 7 Great Options to Earn more and Spend Less

Have you ever dreamt of shopping where you can earn rewards and spend extra cash

Incentive Marketing: How to Use It to Increase Sales

Everybody wants an incentive to do something. Even when doing everyday things, people need external

6 Types of Online Shoppers and How to Convert Them

Around 79% of the US population, or 263 million consumers, are online buyers. The number will

Can You Earn Money From Your Data? Yes, You Can. And Here’s How!

Companies across the world are selling our personal data and making billions by doing so.

More Than Money: Brand Loyalty Measurement

Brand loyalty measurement is more challenging to measure than you think. Consumers are smart and

Monetha Rewards Update: Convert to Crypto

Crypto is here! We have added the most awaited redemption option of your Monetha Points 

What is Customer Commitment? Importance, Types, and Examples

Commitment is a bold word, and we can all agree on that. And while in

Loyalty Programs: 12 Best Practices To Retain Your Customers

3.8 billion — that’s the number of memberships US customers hold in loyalty programs. There’s

8 Ways to Increase Purchase Frequency

Based on recent statistics, 41% of US consumers make an online purchase once or twice

The Psychology of Loyalty and How It Impacts Your Business

Have you wondered why you keep buying lattes from your local cafeteria, even though Starbucks

14 Best Earth Day Deals on Monetha

Best deals just got better It’s a great feeling to find best deals on items

New logo for Monetha rewards

Monetha now has two types of currency—MTH tokens and in-app Rewards. Could be a bit

11 Amazing Customer Retention Benefits for Your Business

Nowadays, a lot of companies are investing in increasing and managing their customer retention efforts.

Customer Retention Tool: Everything You Need to Know

A happy customer is a repeat customer. You might have heard that phrase a lot

10 Ways to Increase Repeat Purchases from Your ECommerce Store

ECommerce business owners know that retaining loyal customers is more challenging than acquiring new ones. 

Monetha Rewards update: Get gift cards

Today we introduce the first redemption option for Monetha Rewards—gift cards. The new update is

Shopping catalog update — April 5th

The network is growing! This week Monetha's shopping catalog has expanded by 24 new merchants.

MTH token is now available on Uniswap

Starting from today, MTH token is available to trade on Uniswap. We are providing liquidity

What will happen to MTH token?

Although we’ve spent the whole week trying to contact Binance officials, to this moment we

Binance is to delist MTH

Binance has announced that the MTH token is to be delisted from the exchange in

The new Monetha app is now live: Shop online and earn rewards today!

We’re excited to announce that the new Monetha app has just been released on iOS

Community Update, August 2021

Hello Monethians! We are hard at work accomplishing the goals set in Monetha’s Roadmap for
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